I'm tired. My mind is tired. I'm glad that I can go to sleep soon. I close my eyes and drift off into a peaceful sleep. I dream. I dream of you, being together with you.
 In my dream, there is no distance. We are dancing, there is no music but we are dancing in the sun, on a big field. There is grass. You can't see far, because it's white around us. Not misty white, brilliant white. Light in every colour, making white. It's beautiful. You look beautiful. I sit down with my knees on the short grass, it's about three inches. You sit down with me, I have my arms around you and feel your warmth. We're close. I hold you close. As I kiss your lips softly, suck on your lip, the white draws in on us. Now there's just your lips and the white. It all melts into one feeling.. It's a sad feeling. A 'could-have-been' feeling. When I lost hope, life lost its purpose to me. It's sad but I can't seem to care anymore. I lie down with my back in the grass. You're gone.. I'm not sure if you've ever really been there. I can't really see anything but white anyway. I don't care, I never thought life could lose its meaning like that. I realize there wasn't really any grass. I realize that the white was black all along.