* Name:

* Nickname:
Lister, Erased

* Residence:

* Birth date:

* Height:

* Colour of your eyes:

* Shoe size:
42 (English: Size 8)

* Occupation:

* Do you smoke:
noooo smoking is dirty.

* Hobbies:
Biking, playing my guitar and talk to people ;)

* Siblings:
Sister, Eline. 3 years younger than me.

* Are you currently involved in a relationship:
Nope! (depending on what kind of relationship you're talking about.. actually the answer is yes.)

* Piercing:
ouch :( No thanks!

* Tattoo:
bluh. nahh..

* Dream holiday:
North America

* Is there anyone you won't write back?:

* Nicest person you met this year:
This year? hrm. Berit.

* Person you wish you hadn't met:
nooo one.

* Who would you like to meet:
Matt, guitarist in Muse

* Who do you admire:
erm. Matt, guitarist in Muse?

* Sexiest persons:
Heather, Lizet ;)

* Favourite sleeping clothes:
my grey pj-pants:)

* Favorourite car:
uhmm Audi R8, the car that won on Le Mans in 2001 and 2002.

* Favourite movie:
The Matrix

* Favorourite music:
changes every week

* Favourite city:
New York

* Favourite pet:


* Favourite after shave:
erm. Nivea aftershave?

* Favourite magazine:
Waste of money.

* Favourite sound:
TGV roaring by at 200mph!

* Favourite TV-series:
don't laugh... Star Trek! ha.

*Favourite writer:
Stephen King

* Favoriete nickname:
silly bean

* What's on your mouse pad:
I have an optical mouse, so no mouse pad..

* What's under your bed:
Legoes ...

* Favourite colour:

* Favourite all time song:
Citizen Erased

* Favourite song:
Citizen Erased.. duh

* Food:

* Favourite subject in school:
Science. I'm not a nerd, but the rest is worse.

* Favourite drink:
Ice tea

* Favourite number:

* What do you think is the prettiest on yourself:
what a strange question...

* Which deodorant do you use:

* Favourite shoes:
My nikeys. Other shoes don't last long with me.

* What time do you normally go to sleep:
between 11 and 12

* Which word or phrase do you use often:

* The most romantic thing that ever happened to you:
uhm. bla bla bla bla bla. don't know.

* The most embarrassing thing that ever happened to you:
no idea... something embarrassing happens every week.

* Indoor or outdoor?:
depends, of course...

* Things you do in the weekend:
Rehearse with da band, watch a movie at a friends place if I'm lucky.. Perform if I'm even luckier.

* Which subject didn't you like in school:

* Breakfast:
Cup of milk

* Food you hate:
bami. ewww ew ew ew ew ew!

* pets:
Tigger en Jari!

* Smile or dream:

* Serious or funny:
serious, 'cause no one understands my jokes.

* Fast or slow:
Slow if I have to be fast, fast if I don't need to be fast.

* Single or in a relationship:
One relationship? haha.

* Simple or complicated:

* Cremate or bury:
bury with military honor ;)

* Sex or alcohol:

* Stay up late or get in early:
Stay up late and get out late.

* Light or dark?:

* Speak or silence:
I'm very good at listening and not so good at speaking...

* Big or small men/women:
in between please?

* Newspaper or weekly magazine:
Waste of money! They invented the internet.. jeez.

* Hug or kiss:
Hug. Depending on the person and the kiss though.

* Happy or sad:
sad most of the time, I'm afraid.

* Life or death:
life. death is scary.

* Party or discotheque:

* Left or right:
Left, but I'm right.

* Souse over it or beside it:
hehe that makes no sense. Beside.

* Brown or blonde:
Gimme blonde. ;)

* What would you ask if you could ask God a question:
It kind of failed, eh?

* Do you believe in reincarnation:
some times

* Do aliens exist:
I am one.

* What will be the last words before you die:

I love you

* Do you believe in true love:

* How many kids do you want:
none. waste of money.

* What really annoys you:
Ignorance. The truth.

* The best feeling in the world:
you know?

* The worst feeling in the world
To see that you can never be with the person you love.

* What're you afraid of:
people, the phone..

* Do you get emotional sometimes:
With some music

* Do you cry with certain movies:
No. Unless it's a real good movie. Robin Williams is a good tearjerker.

* What would you like to be doing when you're older:
Perform for a large audience.

* One of this year's resolutions:
graduate! Must graduate!!

* First thing you thought this morning:
ouuuuch.. fuck.. ow ow ow..

* What kind of animal would you like to be in your next life?:
Human again, please.

* Most beautiful body part on a man/woman:

* Most original place to propose someone:

* what's the weirdest place you've ever done "it":
"It"? Biking?

* Place you would want to do "it":
What the fuck are you talking about?!

* What do you think of cu2:
They keep talking about "it"!!!

* What would you like to see in cu2:
The explanation of "it"!

* Where did you get these questions:

* How often do you update your friends list:
not enough.

* What do you do on your pc besides cu2:
Chat, play video games.

* Do you miss a question:
100 questions and you guys have the nerve to ask me if I miss one?!