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"I love you all, I love you more than life itself but you're all fucking mad!" - Ozzy Osbourne








"Did you really drive that bus?" -Huda Ilham Harun Rasyid
 (free translation) 5/10/2002

"But I want the same cool sound as your amp!" -Dennis v/d Meer (free translation) 4/30/2002

"lol...I'm getting surgery" -Jordan Puckett 6/10/2002

"EÚn gek is geen gek, twee gek is een half gek, drie gek is een paasgek." -Edwin Kragten (Dutch easter song converted in a lunatic song) 6/25/2002

"I am not on your page." -Colleen Antaya, numerous times

"You're the man!" -Rachel (uh I asked Weenie but I forgot your last name) 3/28/2003


Just some of my friends, in alphabetical order.


bulletAlisha: "I want porn star shoes!" Alisha is a person with a beautiful mind. We have all sorts of things in common, yet we are very different. One day we will travel around the world together, I'm sure.
bulletBekah: "I was braggin about u all day to my brother." My newest friend. I hope we get to jam together sometime.. She's really cool and down to earth. She pulls me back down when I need it.
bulletBob: "strike force bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla" Bob is very easy to get along with. I can't imagine that he has any enemies. There for I get along with him as well. We are planning to join his father's cycling team.
bulletColleen: "I HAVE A FAT ASS!!!" And I could have a piece of it :D My lady. Her grandma asked when the wedding was, I don't quite know about that yet, but I know we're serious about this. There's no way I could live without her.
bulletFrank: "eerst maar es bij de kringloop kijken" Very impulsive, not always for the best. He's a good friend for me when I need one. Don't like his taste in music, which got us separated in the band. He's going to a music college, to study on becoming a big shot guitar player or/and a teacher. Maybe they'll teach him how to tune his guitar.
bulletJo: "I don't love you as a friend or boyfriend, there's just love." She's religious and I am not, I love hearing her views on things. We've been friends for very long, not many people put up as long with me as she did.
bulletKaspar: "hmmmm..." Kaspar has been a friend of Rig long before I was, so when I started to get along with Rig, I started to get along with Kasp as well. So Kasp is just as well part of the club of friends as Max and Rig.
bulletMax: "So you're not going to hit me if I light this cigarette?" After I did awful one year in school and had to do that year over, we ended up together and in the same situation. We've been very good friends ever since. If it weren't for Max, I wouldn't be playing the guitar.
bulletMo: "Hey, you have to quote a dumb thing I said on your website, I say about 10 dumb things every day." Monique is the singer in Nitrous. We're very good friends. She's like my sister, we stick up for each other and look out for each other.
bulletRig: "Somebody just trapped a tower in the middle of the chessboard!" He's been a friend for my past few years in school, when in school, we're always near each other.
bulletRoz: "Kool! Well, I want you to have as much fun as you can" Someone to talk to, always, is what everyone should have. I feel lucky.
bulletTom: "Let's go to your place because our computer is acting stupid." We met when we were both 4 years old. Although we don't meet that often anymore, sometimes we get together and play computer games over the local area network.


"I just don't understand why you won't talk to me, it hurts" -Avril Lavigne (Unwanted)

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anne marie says:
anne marie says:
this is tom's friend right?
Magwa´, DE pinguin!! [PF/AYS]-[Jar Jar Rigg] says:
who's tom??
anne marie says:
anne marie says:
thomas van onselen
Magwa´, DE pinguin!! [PF/AYS]-[Jar Jar Rigg] says:
I know 1 thomas, but he had no computer
Magwa´, DE pinguin!! [PF/AYS]-[Jar Jar Rigg] says:
I don't know that tom, sorry
anne marie says:
anne marie says:
you any good at business?
Magwa´, DE pinguin!! [PF/AYS]-[Jar Jar Rigg] says:
no, sorry tho

Magwa´ = Rig


So do you want to go to the movie and fuck afterwards or don't you like movies so much?