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[:] Male
[:] Heterosexual (straight)
[:] 18 - 20
[:] 131 lbs - 140 lbs ( 60 Kg - 64 Kg)
[:] 5'11" - 6' (179 cm - 183 cm)
[:] Skinny, I could use some carbohydrates
[:] Pisces
[:] I look like anyone else walking down the street
[:] No, I do not have any body art
[:] Brown hair
[:] Short straight hair
[:] Big Brown eyes
[:] My vision is perfect
[:] Living with parents/relatives
[:] Single
[:] I don't have any children
[:] I'm White/Caucasian
[:] I reside in a house
[:] Bicycle
[:] I have my own computer and can login often
[:] $5,001 - $7,000 US
[:] Sales/Marketing
[:] Age is an attitude
[:] Europe
[+] 4 year degree
[+] Biking
[+] Sleeping
[+] Heavy Metal/Acid Rock
[+] I follow a philosophy, not a religion
[+] Cat
[+] A romantic dinner in Paris
[+] Summer
[+] I'd make a date with someone interesting
[+] It's on MTV and the knob is gone
[+] Science Fiction
[+] I get my news online
[+] Italian food
[+] Money is the means, not the end
[+] Liberal. We need some changes
[+] No
[+] No, I don't need a roommate
[+] No, I don't need tutoring
[+] Science
[+] I'm not homosexual, but it doesn't offend me
[+] I do not drink
[+] I dislike smokers
[+] Open to new adventures
[+] I don't use them, but they don't bother me
[+] Religion is not a part of my life
[+] I want a bit more, but I have everything I need
[+] Only if some of my friends are there
[+] Just looking/curious

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Essay Answers:

Describe the type of person you might be interested in meeting (either romantically or platonically). What traits do you find attractive?
Well first off, don't worry girls, the girl in my first
picture is my lil sis. I hope you like the pictures, I decided
to just take some digital ones, they don't hide how I really
look. What you see is what you get.

An openminded person with his or her own opinion. People that
simply go along or against the crowd should start thinking
about what they really think.. I'm a good listener, I'd like
to meet talkers ;)


What personal habits of others really irritate you?
Sorry, but smoking. People that don't think of anyone but
themselves, taking up more than one seat in the bus etc..
People that say they're an individual and just do what
everyone else does anyway.



Describe your personality and physique. (Here is a good place to make up for not having a photo on-line or telling things photos can't tell).
I'm skinny, but not like scary skinny.. I should work out or
something but I'm lazy.. I don't really like how I look but
it's really just a matter of opinion.. I'll get some pics on
here as soon as I can.



Which virtues give you most of your self confidence? If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
People telling me I'm a good friend. People thanking me for
being nice in general..



Where have you met most of your current friends? Describe your social circle of friends.
School. I played in a band but it's restructuring now so
that's all kind of vague. Work.. Internet. Some friends don't
seem to be able to put up with me for to long though.



What is your insight into spirituality, and how do you practice this belief?
I have no goldfish as the cats would eat them.



Do you belong to any organizations, clubs, teams, or special interest groups?
I'm on my own..



Favorite pastime? Sport? Hobby? Diversion? Just what goes on Sundays at your place?
Playing my 'tar, taking the bus to see new places and new
people, sleeping, being with friends, travelling.. God I love
to travel.. but I guess taking the bus for no general purpose
is travelling too. I just love meeting new people with new
opinions and new views on things.. Bless the internet for
allowing me to do that for cheap! :)



How would you characterize your political leanings? (i.e. Democrat, Republican, Reform, Libertarian, Independent, radically left/right, don't care).
It's not going so well with the world, but before the politics
change, the people that vote will have to change.. thinking
about it makes me a bit sad.



What language(s) do you speak, read or write?
English and Dutch. You can try and bother me in Spanish,
Italian, German, French and Swedish but I can't guarantee I
will reply fluently in the same language.



If you could 'Do Lunch' with anyone, who would it be?
someone who would be happy to have lunch with me. Anyone.



If you were to meet someone for the first time, what would be the "perfect" setting?
Well not the airport for sure, but unfortunately it'll come
down to that most of the time..



What is "SEXY"? What do you find "SEXY" in a partner?
if you have toned shoulders and a sleeveless shirt I'll do
anything for you.



What type of music do you enjoy? List performances or concerts you have attended.
No lists, cuz you'll be like: blaa! and just skip it all. I
like basically all kinds of music where some major effort has
been made to make it. I'm not talking about an effort to
commercially promote it, just the music. The best concert I've
ever been to was a Muse concert in Amsterdam.



List some of your favorite lines from movies, poems, songs or commercials.
"She had something to confess but you don't have the time so
look the other way."- Muse, Muscle Museum
"We don't give a damn about your world!" -SoaD, A.D.D.
"No one said it would be easy, no one ever said it would be so
hard. Let's take it back to the start.." -Coldplay, the Scientist

Bla there's loads of cool quotes I could put up here. Just
listen to some good music yourself.



What are your all-time favorite movies and/or actors?
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh I don't know. There are so many..



Where do/did you attend high school and/or college? What are/were your favorite subjects in school?
In the Hague (Den Haag) at the Haagse Hogeschool. I liked
creating lil progs and such. I don't intend to spend my life
behind a puter though, so I quit.



Where were you born? What is your ethnic origin or ancestry? List some of the places you have lived or traveled.
I was born in Holland, and I've been to Belgium, France,
Spain, Germany, Switzerland England and Canada and I'll be
going to the States next week. (Damn, now I have to update
this essay next week.)



What type of work do (did) you do? How long have you been (were you) in that line of work? Do (did) you enjoy it?
I sell cd's and dvd's in a major electronics store, we make 20
000 euros a day on just our department, over 100 for the
entire store. It's alright, I get to talk to a lot of
different people and I like that. It's hard work though, try
and calculate the amount of DVD's and CD's we sell to make
that kind of money. It all needs to be put in store, which is
not a simple process.



If you could pick one super-human power (such as comic-book characters have) what would you choose?
To understand women? ;)



Someone may want to say "hello", but not know how to get the ball rolling. Ask a question that someone can answer in their first letter to you.
Haha. Good idea ;) uhmmm.. You interested in going someplace
new and interesting with me?



What are some of your life-long goals? Where would you like to be in 2 years? In 5 years?
That's beyond my ability to look into the future.. Maybe I'll
be travelling all over the world, maybe by then I've gotten
sick of it and I'll be living with a beautiful wife and have a
wonderful job..



Any additional comments? Is there anything that the questionnaire didn't cover?
if you got this far with reading, mail me and I'll mail you back.