This is where I live

our backyard, seen facing our house.

Our backyard, seen facing away from our house.

The inside of our house. Kind of dark but you can make out some shapes...

This is our couch. André, my cousin and Eline, my sis are on it.

Our TV and chimney. The chimney is useless so we put a plant in it.

In my room, this is my desk.

My model cars. I stopped collecting them but I can't get rid of them. They are a nice decoration there anyway...

This is above my bed. The Lego train I'm working on with my cousin, two big lego cars that took me hours to build and a lot of cd-rom boxes.

My V, my H&K 100W transistor top and a peavey 5150 100W tube top. Oh and my 35W Fender amp, of course.

This is where I keep my clothes. My stereo is on top, as are a couple of thousand magazines.