The KLM Boeing 747-300 (8/5/2002 - 8/14/2002)

This plane took me to Canada and back in one piece, reaching speeds of well over 1100km/h. Definately my personal speed record, which I previously set at 750km/h in a Boeing 757-200. The Boeing 747-300 is the picture of the week because it marked the beginning and the end of my adventure.

My mother (6/24/2002 - 6/30/2002)

My mother, driving an antique while casually lighting a cigarette. Do I really need to comment on this? ;) (little children: smoking is bad!)

Le Mans (6/17/2002 - 6/23/2002)

Always a spectacular race, Le 24 heures du Mans. This is definately the place to see the best looking cars in the world. The very best looking car won again this year, my personal favourite, 3 times in a row victorer of Le Mans, the Audi R8.

Starr (6/10 - 6/16)

It's always good to talk to an old friend. We didn't talk in ages because we were both busy with school. Now that school is over we mailed eachother again. Hope we'll get eachother updated on the past few months.