A bridge over the Seine. The water was raging.

Two Thalys trainsets coupled together like this. isn't it cute? I think they are kissing.

Here we were approaching the Eiffeltower. It was undergoing maintenance..

The Eiffeltower yet again.

The Eiffeltower seen from below.

This is a Eurostar that is no longer officially a Eurostar. It serves as a normal TGV. It has a different name which I can't remember...

Gare du Nord seen from above. Lot's of cool TGVs.

Have to take a pic of the pretty buildings. blah.


The TGV résau (silver.. dusty, yes, but it was originally silver!) and the Thalys (red).

The Thalys that took us to Paris at speeds over 300km/h (200mph). It's big!

Inside the Thalys...