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Yes, that's right. I'm going to put silly and ridiculous announcements here. Enjoy reading them. ;)

bulletLap tops don't come apart easily.
bulletI love Colleen. I LOVE COLLEEN. *sigh* I miss my honey.
bulletMootje could be my best friend.
bullet"Tommie is lief!" -lilquickmo
bulletLast announcement is out of date.
bulletI'm still deeply in love with Louise and will do anything for her. sorry....
bulletIt is fairly hard to kill a person. The human body is pretty strong.
bulletInsanity is relative.
bulletPiano music? No, no I tell you. Stop hurting me, get it out of my head!
bulletOh yes, don't forget to update, I know I did.
bulletNeed for Speed 2 holds the title, you better believe it.
bulletI sell legal music.
bulletAll the things she said running through my head.
bulletAccording to the definition of life, a living creature procreates. In other words, I have two dead pet cats, as they are incapable of this particular action, moreover, an advanced computer virus is very much alive.
bulletWho you are is your curse and your blessing.
bulletOh dear, that wasn't me I tell you.
bulletCould you stop? thank you.
bulletGreen bus saying "26 KIJKDUIN" will split up at Loosduinen, the front half will continue as Line 26 to Kijkduin, the rear half will continue as 123 to 's Gravenzande.
bulletYes, and if not, then too.
bulletIgnorance is blitz.
bulletShall I hold your umbrella? Anytime.
bulletI am fast, better believe it.
bulletI love.
bulletTo care or not to care, that's not really even a question.
bulletI like Atomic Kitten, so there, I said it.
bulletGoing to see Dream Theater in a week or so. Why, yay!
bulletI am NOT a hacker!! AM NOT!! NOT NOT NOT! Never was one.
bulletNew friends, new life, new me.
bulletI really don't think you know me.
bulletI was inside the Jet Bus and found that it has gears. How does this work? The sound of the jet engine was unmistakable though.
bulletMcDonalds customer service is improving! It now only takes them too long, but at least they deliver what you order.
bulletMy bike was stolen :(
bulletThe headlight of my bike works!!
bulletI feel lonely this morning, there is no one to talk to.
bulletFatigue is like a weight on my shoulders.
bulletI might have contracted a virus by simply extracting my mail from the browser. The virus is harmless to me because I have a recent version of Windows XP, currently updated, which eliminates the security risk. It seems, however, that the virus did forward itself through my computer, so be careful with reading my mail. If you have web mail, there is nothing to worry about, just delete any forwards you get from me.
bulletWeb cams hurt your face.
bulletSleep is a rare thing these days, rhythm is none-existent.
bulletThere are reruns of Star Trek: The Next Generation (tm) on Dutch TV. (
bulletThe more wind, the lower your average speed when biking two similar lengths in the exact opposite direction, as you spend less time going fast when the wind is in your back because you travel the same length as you did when you were going slow, but fast.
bulletThe statement that I wouldn't hurt a fly is inaccurate as I kill every fly and other insect that annoys me.
bulletI hardly use my joy pad anymore these days.
bulletI am not a member of Nitrous
bulletNew CD-rom packages are too big to fit in a CD-rack, which is NOT convenient!
bulletWhy are you reading these silly announcements while my guestbook is still so empty!
bulletMy computer was going real slow until I downloaded the detonator drivers for my video card at , and now it runs smoothly again.
bulletTime is of the essence. Yet it goes by slowly.
bulletI have a new favourite bus; the 7791. A yellow two-piece bus. Hooray.
bulletThere drive a couple of Tempo-team buses around here. Not just one!
bulletI meet a lot of interesting people in my life.
bulletBiking will be the end of me!
bulletI miss Louise.
bulletI Graduated!!
bulletI think I did alright on my finals. Let's hope I passed them all. I will know on Wednesday the 12th of June.
bulletMy amp is 100W, NOT 80W. Besides that, it's a transistor amp, no tubes. Better to control that way and less likely to blow up.
bulletYou're reading some really useless stuff here. Enjoy ;)
bulletMy email address does NOT  work anymore. Mail me at only.
bullet Love is a silly thing.
bulletI have about three months off from school and I have no idea what to be doing.
bulletOn second thought, all the buses of that type make the noise. I can't imagine it's a good thing though. Or is there such a thing as jet-buses?
bulletThere is a bus driving by here all the time that makes a whining noise. I think it's just broken.
bulletI am going to try and score highest on my 3 hour final English exam, out of all students taking it in my school.
bulletMath final was too hard.
bulletMost girls like to be kissed in their neck, some exceptions like to be kissed on their belly.
bulletIf a computer has been on for too long, it gets slower. Reset it every hour.
bulletEvery phone that I get in contact with breaks down. If I'm not responding to your call, try again and again. Most likely something has gone wrong and I'm installing a back up phone.
bulletThe phone number on my shoe doesn't work when you dial it in Holland, the country and area codes are missing.
bulletI'm running out of announcements.
bulletThe floor in our house is dangerously uneven. Always wear shoes when you walk over it in the dark, if you don't trip over a bump, you're bound to hit an obstacle with your shins.
bulletNote the additional links on the navigation bar, left on my page.
bulletAccording to my horoscope I am a relaxed person. I would say I'm just lazy.
bulletADSL is fifty times faster than regular internet, besides that, it doesn't occupy your phone line and costs the same thing every month. Once you've tried it you will never want any other form of internet connection. Praise.
bulletMicrosoft makes programs for dumb and/or shortsighted people. And for lazy people like me. Go MS-FrontPage!!
bulletI like Muse.


Do you have any announcements of yourself? Mail them to me at and I will post them here with you name.