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bulletThis site has grown out to be a web ring with thoughts, there's a website with bus and train pictures, a website all about Colleen and me, and just this website. I'm thinking of reviewing this website, or just deleting it and start all over, as it seems to be about my "old" life.
My life has changed fundamentally, so, it seems that a lot of stuff on this page is outdated. Plus, I seem to have a problem with updating this website.. Will I have the patience to put up a whole new website? I don't know. I might get bored, but I don't know. The way it'll turn out, I'll probably find the accurate software to update this page and review every little bit of it. Or nothing will happen and I will not make any updates, just like it is now. I need something to put my thoughts on though, and I'm working on that right now, so the very least update to this site will be a shoutbox, on which me and Dennis are working on this very moment. As soon as we find a good layout it might replace this index page even, or it'll be the new main page to represent the web ring rather than just this website. Seems only fair, as this site seems to be the most important, while the site about Colleen and me is really turning into being more representative of my current life.
bulletLook for updates on my page dedicated to Colleen.
bulletI've obviously been with Colleen a bit longer than those 17 days; she came home with me for a month after that, and I went home with her for 3 months after that. I'm in Holland for a week now, but I'll be leaving for another 3 months again on 23-10-2003, 'till 20-1-2004.

Unfortunately, I can't update from her house because of an absence of necessary software on my laptop. I'm working very hard to redo my index so that I can update from the States also, getting a lot of help from Dennis. Keep your eye on this site because it might just get updated a lot, soon.



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bulletI'll be staying at Colleen's for 17 days starting from June the first. Looking forward to meeting everyone again.

bulletNew section: Colleen, enjoy.
bulletMy apology to you all, due to my laptop crashing (containing all the data of my website) I had to retrieve and remake my website, which took quite awhile. I've reviewed quite a few things for you, I hope you will enjoy a new look here and there.
bulletI updated "Favorites" and some random stuff around my website. Scout around and enjoy.
bulletI'm with my Weenie for two weeks. There's no one else I'd rather spend two weeks with. With a special thank you to KLM/NWA who are true to their reputation of worldwide reliability.
bulletWhat happens to good times? They pass like they were never here. I miss them. I want back. It's dull here..
bulletJo, one of my best friends, is going through a hard time because her grandmother is in hospital. Let's all stop to think about her and wish her and her grandmother all the best.
bulletAbout me page updated and I put up a link to Rig's page. Cool lyrics and thoughts there. Lyrics mostly English, thoughts in Dutch.
bulletPhone charts updated.
bulletBack! I had the most wonderful week of my life in the States! Didn't have time to miss anyone. The goodbye was painful and hard.. can't wait to go back.
bulletTom will be in the US for a little more than a week. I'm not planning to miss any of you! ha. I'll be there to have fun. I will prolly miss mootje though. oh well ;)
bulletMatchmaker profile updated in about me section.
bulletDarkness updated.
bulletLoads of new trainpictures.
bulletTwo new buspictures.
bulletNew 'England'-section, with tons of new pictures.
bulletWorking on the navigational structure of the site. You'll notice some double links in my linkbar. Don't worry, I'm fixing it. Better to have a link up twice than not at all.
bulletAdded places I've been to on the "about me" page.
bulletI will be going soon.